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Ngamatea School has been a state coeducational Primary school for nearly one hundred years.It has developed a fine tradition in  educational, cultural and recreational activities and has maintained a proud place in the community.


The school’s success can be attributed to the  tremendous co-operation, enthusiasm and efficient service of all connected with Ngamatea School, both then and now.


The very nature of the school encourages ‘community’ in its broadest sense. Ngamatea School caters for students from New Entrants through to Year 8, enabling students to grow and develop together over a long period of time. The opportunities and experiences that students share during these years  cement relationships which outlive school days.


The rural and mountain aspects, which are  attractive and significant features of the school, offer a different perspective on education. With this comes a range of different educational opportunities and experiences which reflect the unique culture of Ngamatea School.

This is reinforced by the efforts of an experienced, dedicated and talented staff who through modern appropriate teaching strategies are providing stimulating learning experiences for our children.

We have a very supportive, caring Board of Trustees which works hard in the interests of all students of Ngamatea School. We are proud of well maintained buildings, grounds and facilities and the vision to keep improving.


Although the New Zealand Curriculum is followed, there is a local school wide emphasis on Science and Education for Sustainability (Environmental Education).


You can download the current  Strategic plan by clicking the thumbnail image below


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